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Atributos de la tubería UHMWPE

UHMWPE is a unique, low friction Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) with a molecular weight of more than 3 million. Combining the benefits of higher wear resistance (even greater than steel) and lower maintenance costs, the pads are easy to fabricate, install and can be fastened to steel, concrete, wood and rubber.

UHMWPE Sheet Properties and Engineering Properties

ItemDescriptionTest methodsUnitsCriteriaResult
1Density1183G/cm3More than 0.941.05
2Tensile Stress at Yield (Tensile Strength)527N/mm2More than1722
3Normal Tensile Strain at Break(Elongation)527%More than 50%140%
4Abrasion(sand slurry)15527%Less than 140%120%
5Notched impact strength(Charpy)11542-2Mj/mm2More than 5080
6Hardness Shore D868DMore than 6268
7Melt Point DSC11357CentigradeMore than 135139
8Water TightnessGB/T 328.10-2007/Non LeakageNon Leakage
9Water Absorption GB/T 1034-2008%/6.15*10-3
10 Vicat Softening TemperatureGB/T1633-2000/137


Outrigger Pad

In construction and events area,as outrigger pads for crane lifting.

Temporary Road mats

In construction and events area, as temporary road mats for crane lifting.

Synthetic Ice Rink

In sports industry, as synthetic ice rink panel, barrier, fencing etc. Truck lining sheet.

In construction machinery and agriculture machinery, used as lining sheet for buldozer, truck, coulter of tractor.

Coal lining sheet

For the bulk material handling such as coal, lime, cement, mineral powder, salt, grain, as silo liner, chute liner, bunker liner.

Marine fender facing pad

In port and dock, as marine fender facing pad, dock bumper, car stopper to make the cargo ship or car stop.

Irregular parts

In food machinery equipments andthe transportation machinery used as star gear, bearing of filling machine andguide rail, conveyor belt, sliding block, fixing plate.

Aplicación clave de la tubería UHMWPE

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