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GFRP Navigation Buoy

Atributos de la tubería UHMWPE

The float of the buoy is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (GFRP) and body is filled with closed-cell elastic foam Polyurethane, which provides the buoy with great lightness and excellent mooring capacity. The choice of material ensures no risk of corrosion and sulphation as well as excellent resistance to impacts:

Main Features:

● Robust construction.

● Excellent mooring capacity.

● Low maintenance

● Excellent resistance to collision

● Top-Mark and colors according to IALA Recommendations

● Painting according to IALA Recommendations


Type of buoysFRP-800FRP-1200FRP-1500FRP-1800FRP-2400
Float diameter(mm)8001200150018002400
Overall height (mm)22502250390055007400
Draft (mm)600600120020503000
Free board(mm)4004006007001000
Reserve buoyancy (kg)250450100017804500
Water proofIP67IP67IP67IP67IP67
ColorRed, green, yellow, blue, optional

Aplicación clave de la tubería UHMWPE

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